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It's BIG, Yellow and digs holes! JCB 3CX Project 8 is joining the Tractor Shed

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A long trip today Sussex to Norfolk, Lincolnshire, / Cambridgeshire borders to kick the tyres of a JCB 3CX Project 8 1995/6 back hoe excavator. Lots of driving but worth it I think as this seems so far to be a pretty good specimen for it's age.

I've been looking for a few weeks and seen some absolute dogs so it was a relief to find this one that lived up to it's description and photos.

It comes with a ditching bucket, four digging buckets and a 'quick hitch' which is a 'good thing' as those six items would be about £2K to buy at the moment!

No doubt there will be many little things to sort out - inevitably there always are - but the first thing to sort out is moving all eight tons of it the 170 miles home  :bugeye:


Very handy to dig the veggie patch.

Not planning to drive it home then? Say ride there on a motorcycle, put it in the bucket and drive the whole lot back?

Didn't you pick up a big trailer for something a while ago? Bit of extra bracing and it'll be good to go...



Golly, A nice handy toy Andrew if you have big stuff to do, dig and move.

Here in OZ a friend has one that he used to transplant many 30yr old olive trees setting up his olive farm.
It still gets used to shove, dig and generally make mayhem around his now 5 acre block after selling off the rest of the farm. (Should be quoting in hectares, but, hey, I'm on my 81st lap of old Sol).

Good luck with the move.
John B   :beer:

Russ even that big trailer wouldn’t take this beauty!

John, I’m regressing really. I had a 1990 Project 7 3Cx some years back when we moved here and there was genuine reasons to have one. Her indoors objected to it as being ‘ugly’ in the farm yard. OK it was a bit rusty, but a faithful work horse nevertheless. This one is very much more tidy.

My ‘justification’ is that we have a large pond that needs clearing out, and about 3/4 mile of ditches that need clearing, but really it’s just because I WANT one !

Should be good for digging trenches and building barricades. It is JCB by Lord Bamford after all.


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