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Edgewick Mk2 Lathe cross slide thread purchase

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Hello Everyone  :wave:

This is the first time on this site, please be gentle.

I've owned an Edgewick Mk2 for the last 40 years, it might be more.
I see there are other people who also have these old lathes.

The reason for making contact at this time is that my old lathe is getting worn out, so I have been bringing it back to a usable state.
Edgwick do have a soft ways compared to other lathes, however they are also easy to rebuild.

I am now looking to purchase the cross slide left handed "english" thread, so that I can replace mine.
I have found a firm in the States who are willing to post them over to the UK, my question is, does anyone else want one?
Please let me know if you do.

all the best

Welcome to the forum!!
Have you thought about using a ball screw instead, cheap from china and probably less backlash as well, you would also need a nut for the screw thread. I am surprised you cannot get a lh screw in the UK!

As Phil says, welcome aboard.

Ball screws can sometimes be a double edged sword on manual machines. The low friction can allow relatively small forces to turn the screw. So if for instance you have 'set the cut' on the cross slide and take a fair cut the cutting forces can reduce the depth of cut as you progress.

(This effect is even more pronounced on milling machines)

Halifax Rack and Screw will have the thread and nut.

Nice one Andrew, I did not realise that about ball screws, some sort of friction damper sounds in order?

I've made several cross slide screws and nuts what are the specifics of the Edgewick?


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