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German speaker help please

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efrench: does a better translation if you just enter 'die Mehrzahl'.

Is not the plural of Apple "Overpriced triumphs of form over function, much loved by arty types"? :D

All the vowels have an umlaut version.

It changes the pronunciation from, say, 'a' as in apple, to 'a' as in ache. I.e it 'hardens ' the pronunciation.



--- Quote from: on October 01, 2021, 12:18:54 PM ---Apparently in Äpfel it is pronounced like the "e" in met.

However in, for example, Mädchen, it is pronounced like the "a" in may. It seems to depend on the word.

Thank you Google  :D

--- End quote ---

It's exactly the same sound in 'Mädchen' as in 'Äpfel' - 'Ä' or 'ä' are always pronounced the same way.
Unlike English, the German written language is almost entirely phonetic with only few exemptions. Unfortunately, the bloody grammar is shockingly difficult to get right..... unless you grow up there, in which case it becomes innate....


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