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An RGB LED nightlight kit build


So here is another basic electronics project I completed, it's based on a kit (the Geekcreit® DIY C51 Touch Control Keys Full Color LED Aurora Tower Kit from Banggood).

In this 3-part (4 if you count the Display-Modes demo video) series I solder up this kit, including many SMD components and a bunch of 10mm RGB LEDs.

I also model up a case for the kit in Fusion360, then 3d-print a prototype (and then correct a couple of flaws and print out a 2nd version)

In this episode we "unbox" the kit and take a look at the contents, then start soldering the SMD passive components.

In this episode we finish soldering the SMD parts, and then solder in all the RGB LEDs, including showing how to deal with the inevitable solder-bridges!!

In this episode after soldering in the last RGB LED we power it up and find 3 LEDs don't seem to be completely working, so some investigation is needed and some solder joints re-worked before finding the cause of the issue. Then the prototype case is trialed, and then a modified case is printed and fitted.

Then finally this is just a video of the various display modes of this Kit.

Thanks for watching,

Very cool. Love LED projects.


Thanks Eric  :thumbup: I'm a sucker for twinkling coloured lights  :D

Nice build! Hope you are well...its been a while.


Thanks Chris  :thumbup: how are you keeping?

I'm not too bad, just get frustrated when life gets in the way of hobbies  :lol:



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