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Yep, photos visible now.

Looking good.
Bit different to the thingiverse model.
It has a barb like stem, so it is sort of loose.


SOME of my original B&D dogs had the barbed prongs sticking up, but these things are old enough that they'd turned brittle and some had just broken off.  The prongs don't add to the holding power of the dogs, they just keep the dogs from falling out when you turn the Workmate over.  I didn't bother modeling the prongs because I couldn't think of any orientation to print the model with the dogs that wouldn't require a lot of support.  Most of the time when I use the Workmate I'm using it as a vise.  The dogs just get in the way of doing that so I take them out.  That's probably why I found 3 of them in one spot, and the 4th someplace else. 

Google Photos has worked for me so far and it's free - as long as I keep my file storage to under 17GB.  Even at a couple of MB per picture that's a LOT of pictures, probably not many videos though.  I've just got to remember to make the album a shared album, not a private album like it originally was.  I also had that problem on another forum.  It took me a while to figure it out because I can see the pictures anywhere Google recognizes me, whether I'm at home or at work.  So I thought other people would be able to see them too, since I provided the link.



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