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The Devil made me do it

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This is the 3rd time I've tried to post this, if they ALL suddenly show up, I'm gonna have some 'splainin to do.

OK, a week or so ago I was minding my own business cleaning and rearranging my shop to make room for a new CNC that I've been working on - slowly.  I've been working on the CNC router slowly, not cleaning the shop slowly - although that too is turning out to be a long drawn out process.  Anyway, I'd been at it a couple of hours when I found 3 of the 4 bench dogs that came with my Black and Decker Workmate when I bought it back in the Dark Ages - seems like it was that long ago anyway.  They look a lot like this. 

Well crap - only 3 out of 4, that makes them useless right, might as well pitch them right?  Then a little voice whispered in my ear that I've got a 3D printer, I can MAKE a replacement - good enough for me.  And away I go, out of the dusty amd messy shop into the less dusty and less messy livingroom - because that's where the 3D printer lives.  An hour or so later and I've got the 3D model for the bench dog complete.  Let's just say I'm not fast at this 3D stuff and leave it at that - OK?  An hour of so of printing later and I've got a shiny new replacement bench dog.  It looks a lot like this.

Here's a family shot of the B&D Bench Dog family and the adopted son, can you tell which one he is?

By now it's late afternoon.  HEY!!!  A man works that hard he deserves a little break - OK?  Anyway, about an hours worth of cleaning later... I found the missing B&D bench dog!  Here's the Bench Dog family and the Grey-headed step-child.

Half a day wasted, oh well - I sorta had fun anyway.  I told ya, the Devil made me do it.


Sorry, can't see the pictures.
I printed a b&d workmate dog from thingiverse but I don't have a real one to compare with.
I think it is a bit loose.


I made the album that those links go to in Google Photos a shared album.  Does that let you see the pictures?

Still figuring the posting pictures thing out, and each forum seems to need a little different procedure.


I don't think you can share photos on Google to a website. That certainly was the case when PhotoBucket started charging to host photos to link to websites.

You can either add them as attachments or find another host for the photos.

tom osselton:
Photobucket Ha! I get about 3 emails a week asking me if I still want my account.


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