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Anyone for a Standard Surveying Thread?

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To attach a laser to its tripod is an adapter with a 5/8" x 11, referred to as a Standard surveying Thread.
It seems that it could be a BSW or UNC thread, the only difference being the flank angle of either 55 or 60 degrees.
I appreciate that it does not make a great deal of difference and either would probably fit.
The supplier of my laser said it was a BSW (as far as he knew...). My ordinary thread indicators show it is 60 degrees. (No fancy shadowgraph I'm afraid).
Overall major measurement of the several male thread adapters that I have, do not really help.
I received a length of 5/8" UNC studding today, which fits the female thread as expected.
Does anyone know with any degree of certainty what the actual thread is?

I'm sure back in the early days that they would have been Whitworth if made in the UK. Quite probable that manufacturers have moved to UNC for their own convenience but I doubt that it makes an iota of difference !

Best search for BS standards which likely now have been converted to DIN standards.

Thanks for the hint, Andrew. My searches on t'internet could not provide the info I was looking for, hence my post.
It just seems (to me ) to be very odd that there are lots of references to this Standard Surveying Thread, as if everyone should know what it is.  :doh:

I found several references to American standards, and even one of the Americans adopting the Whitworth thread for this usage, but no UK ones sadly.

There is a Standard for the thread set out in:

So it seems BSW lives on, but UNC will also fit.  :thumbup:


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