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box tool with parting.

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I have a kind of second job I do for my wifes work refurbishing die heads. To start it wasn't much work but it provided me with enough shed tokens to make it worth my while. Anyway they have lately been asking me to make replacement parts and the most recent one is some long bolts which is giving me a bit of a headache.

After deciding that turning 1/4" bar down to 0.135" was far too much hassle to make them for the price they would be happy to pay I have decided to make a box tool so I can turn down the diameter in one pass, this is the easy bit Chronos actually sell the tools (no stock right now however) but I have thought about making one with a parting feature as well.

The picture shows my efforts designing with freecad so far the parting blade will mount in the milled slot and I am thinking of a cam to push it forward into the work and a pretty hefty spring to return it.

I would love to hear thoughts on this idea.

The small diameter turning tool has been out of stock at Chronos for a long time. I needed one to make some 6BA studs so I made one. (2 actually - one for me and one for a friend.)
I never thought of building in a parting tool. I would go for a lever with a pin running in a vertical slot rather than a cam and spring.
I just turned long lengths of the required diameter and cut them to just over the required length with a hacksaw before facing to length and chamfering.

I guess a pin in a vertical slot would make sure it didn't get stuck forward, good shout.


--- Quote from: shipto on August 21, 2021, 03:42:15 AM ---I guess a pin in a vertical slot would make sure it didn't get stuck forward, good shout. Do you have any pictures of the one you made BTW?

--- End quote ---

I'll post some photos later when I'm home.


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