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I have made a power feed using a stepper motor controller from Banggood , using stuff I had cut a GT2 pully and 1/4" ally plate to mount the nema 23 motor , I had a belt but it was to short I had to buy a longer belt and fit an idler , I loose 1/4" of travel moving to the left I can live with that , 

Davo J:
Nice job and you will get so much enjoyment using it knowing you made it.

Amongst many other projects over the years I just finished 2x electric power drawbars, so understand work involved from the design to working model.

From the paper rough sketch with ideas and then detailed rough drawings with measurements to having something working is a great self achievement.

I call my drawings padcam, just sketches on a pad, lol
I'd love to get to know how to use a cad (free) package and design something, but then that time would cut into shed working time.


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The controller came without a nut and the thread is 6.8 x 0.8mm I take that as 7 x 0.8 , as 1/32" is two tenths different I cut the nut 32 tpi on my imperial lathe over five threads that's one thow error , and it fitted that's the main thing .

Davo J:
Don't little things like that bug you, it would cost them cents to include a nut with it to save the hassle.
Good to hear you got it sorted on an imperial lathe though.

I find factory metric bolt thread diameter to anywhere from around 0.15mm to 0.35mm undersized, so it probably would have been 7mm.

I have seen so many new guys over the years ask why the die won't start on a shaft they have turned down to say 6mm expecting 6mm thread to be 6mm spot on.

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I made something similar for my first mill (RF45) based on an electric window winder from an automotive surplus shop. That had the advantage of simply bolting directly on the end of the leadscrew.

Once you have a motor positively connected to the leadscrew and controlled with some form of electronics you have made the first steps towards CNC machinery.  :D That's one of the most fulfilling experiences I've taken on in the last decade or so....


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