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I have been a member of this forum for nine years and am often frustrated when I log on to find no new entries. It is so often that we rely on Andrew with his amazing projects. Thank you Andrew. I have not been doing a lot of engineering recently but I have been irritated by my two metric micrometers rattling around in a drawer. I haqve made a box for them and thought that I should share it.

Can you share some pictures of your boxes Norman, I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to see them.

Not much happening here project wise, but I did spend a couple of hours today rolling around on the floor of the tractor shed trying to adjust the brakes on the forklift. No pictures as I was knackered, filthy and VERY wet - the heavens opened, we had just shy of 30 mm of rain in a short space of time, Brakes still useless - I suspect the pedal / servo linkage needs tweaking.
You were lucky, Andrew. I had to don my oilskins to put a tarpaulin over the roof of my workshop, which is now wetter inside than out  :( 

Oh dear, do you need to borrow a dehumidifier to stop the rust? I have a decently large 'contractor' one.

I am not sure what is happening but when I try to load pictures I get an error code "HTTP error 500"


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