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Spanner to Undo CAT40 Pull Studs

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This is a recent tool that I made to engage with the 'notches' in CAT40 tooling to allow me to unscrew the 'Pull Studs' for re-use in  other tooling. I have a CAT40 tightening fixture but to remove the pull studs the holder needs to be inverted and the fixture won't accommodate that.

I've been gripping the CAT40 flanges in soft jaws in the vice, which isn't very nice, but I was also motivated as a chap on eBay is selling some obviously ex Beaver tooling as it has the propriety special pull studs, and although he is prepared to sell me the studs can't get them unscrewed. So I may have to make a site visit!

(You cannot buy the pull studs)

CNC Plasmacut from 6 mm mild steel, two off welded together to make the required thickness and a bit of hand fettling.

. . . works OK on the bench.

tom osselton:
Couldnít you just machine 2 flats for a wrench like Hass does?

It's so satisfying to be able to make these "one-off", custom tools  :clap: :clap:



--- Quote from: tom osselton on July 23, 2021, 05:57:58 PM ---Couldnít you just machine 2 flats for a wrench like Hass does?

--- End quote ---

Two flats wouldn't cut the mustard - it needs the two prongs to engage the recesses in the holder to stop it rotating while  conventional spanner is used on the flats of the stud itself.

Put up a picture of your Haas arrangement so that I can better understand what you mean

tom osselton:
This is what the Haas uses itís made of three layers and holds it quite well the center one holds it steady.


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