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Hello, Tom from Northampton.
I've been into motorbike restoration for several years, that made way for a couple of classic cars which I've fully restored and now i've run out of space for 'big' projects.
I've had my Myford Ml7 for about 10 years, just picked up a second hand 6x26 mill and hoping to upsize the lathe when and if prices calm down a bit again.
I started out in Engineering, although never really did much machining, but what makes me tick is learning new skills - Tig, Mig, engine build, spraying the cars etc, mostly learning from my many mistakes and fortunately the rise of YouTube.
Signed up here to hopefully carry on with my learning journey.


--- Quote from: pptom on June 03, 2021, 03:26:26 PM --->>  mostly learning from my many mistakes..
--- End quote ---
Hi Tom  --  Aren't burned fingers the best teacher???  --  Lew

Definitely, Mig spatter through the finger nail is a great teacher!

Welcome aboard Tom, you hopefully will find us a friendly lot and there is a wealth of knowledge within the forum members.

Hiya Tom  :wave:

Welcome to the collective  :borg:

Tell us a bit about your bike/car projects. I happen to be a bike/car guy.



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