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Elegoo Saturn - first week

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--- Quote from: John Rudd on May 18, 2021, 06:30:22 AM ---Jealous with that superlative? :lol:

Very nice Bill....I like the coil formers... :bow:

I keep thinking of buying a 3d printer...
I need to make some small molding boxes for encapsulating circuit boards ( speed control) for some electric drills I'm refurbing, but cant justify the cost at the moment..

--- End quote ---

Yeah ,the bobbins are the result of trying to squeeze too many connections into a can  .

One thing I have found useful (and not seen elsewhere) is the use of a blue laser for spot hardening and making alternative design decisions (aka  fixing cock-ups) or repairing breakages.

can't tap an M3 into a 3mm hole ? - drip some resin in the hole , zap with laser for a few seconds (careful it gets hot!) , redrill to correct size and tap. :)

Oh and be careful of sunlight with the sensitive resin  - I'm was just experimenting with mixing graphite into the resin for bearings , poured the mix into a small bottle-cap mould walked into the sun and it solidified instantly .

That's awesome!

I have been hooked on 3D printing for awhile now. I have 1 FDM printer that runs almost 24/7 and a 2nd being built. However I have been researching resin printers to figure which to buy.

Question... is the resin smell as bad as I hear or is it completely over blown?



--- Quote ---Question... is the resin smell as bad as I hear or is it completely over blown?
--- End quote ---

I used to play with GRP. The resin used in fibre-glassing stinks far worse than the photopolymer, however...

While it's possible to sniff the bottle of resin without gagging, it does hang about it the back of ones throat and 'tastes' . Not nice.

The combination of resin and IPA is horrible and fills the room with the vapour , I have it in a lean-to conservatory room which is fairly well ventilated but it smells for hours after use.  I can't imagine using one within a home (you wouldn't stay married long!)

I'm not one for overly worrying about get #### on my hands but I still wear gloves with this #### 'cos it doesn't easily wash off (seem to just spread around) .  The resin seems slightly easier to spread than covid :-)

Bottom line is that I'm now wondering how I could automate the wash process , so that the printer could be contained in a box and only be opened after the part is washed, dried and ready to be separated from the support and cured !


For resins and nasty paints, I find Deb Kresto Special Ultra Hand Cleanser is great. It uses a very mild ester-based solvent which doesn't destroy your skin. You only need a tiny amount, rather like toothpaste, then wash it off with normal cleaner and/or liquid soap. You can buy 1-2 qties on ebay etc, as you probably don't need 12 tubes at once!

This place sells one-offs but charge more for the P&P than they do for the product:


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