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Elegoo Saturn - first week

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With the FEP film replaced and -  after a week of failed prints -  tightened like a drum-skin, I've been printing a few small parts for a model  (my brother is making a full size set of Ribi-Decoster front-forks for a motorcycle he is building and I thought it'd be fun to use the cad model I created to make a physical model too)

Yesterday I modelled another part for the coil winder to make it (I thought) 3d friendly  - turns out I got the design completely wrong for MLSA printing

Stresses in the part during printing (the polymerisation causes the material to shrink) buckled the print into something unusable . So I thought I'd experiment to see it I could straighten the part with heat.

I put it into an oven at ~120'C and it softened nicely but had a few surface cracks . I clamped it into a vice to hold it roughly square and returned next morning.

The cooled part has retained its corrected shape but the fractures now cover the part as every few hundred layers have tried to separate.


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