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Elegoo Saturn - first week

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After months of waiting , my  new Elegoo Saturn finally arrived . All nicely packaged and wrapped.

It seems well made, rigid and worth the money*

The first print failed Ė because I hadnít level the bed correctly

The second print came out nicely although had a minor and inconsequential warp (which I now know is caused by droop)

The third print , a miniature Ďlittle dancerí (Degas) was so good I printed a second copy as large as I could squeeze in to the build volume : she came out just over 250mm tall and near as perfect my imperfect support allowed (droop is a real problem!)

One week playing and  Iíve burned through the first kilogram of resin.

The result is :

538g of useable prints  - all very nice :-)

at the cost of

1kg Anycubic  sensitive basic  White
~1l IPA  with another 1.5l in tubs and jars , contaminated with resin
1/2  a roll of  blue industrial paper wipe
about 1/4- 1/2 box of gloves
1/2 of my two brain cells...

* I paid £415 to Banggood and Iím currently awaiting the bad news from the shipper for handling the HMRC paper work  for the Duty and VAT.


By the way...

I've decided to make my coil winder project open source* (and 3d printed) , in the hope that someone else will find it useful ;-).  It's currently in use winding microphone transformers so it does kinda work.

The software in in my 'stanwegian'  flavour of Python  and is design to run on a RPi  (it was developed in Windows an Linux and can run on those platforms just as well)  . Motor control is handled by a couple of PIC 12F1572s.

Let me know if anyone is interested and I'll share some more info.

*if anyone knows the more about publishing open source designs ,  please let me know.

No I'm not jealous - no really I'M NOT JEALOUS . . . .

. . . .OK I'm jealous - there I've said it !

Very nice  :thumbup:

John Rudd:
Jealous with that superlative? :lol:

Very nice Bill....I like the coil formers... :bow:

I keep thinking of buying a 3d printer...
I need to make some small molding boxes for encapsulating circuit boards ( speed control) for some electric drills I'm refurbing, but cant justify the cost at the moment..


--- Quote from: awemawson on May 18, 2021, 05:20:07 AM ---No I'm not jealous - no really I'M NOT JEALOUS . . . .

. . . .OK I'm jealous - there I've said it !

Very nice  :thumbup:

--- End quote ---


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