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How do I get one of these triangular straight edges?

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Mike K:
Or, rather, where?  Do they still make 'em?  Probably ridiculous to make oneself?



I found one in a second-hand tool dealer just north of Paris, un-scraped! extremely cheap! How about a piece of darabar? Not ridiculous at all to make one if you have a mill. When I bought mine, I thought about milling a 45 on one corner, I didn't need to as the dovetails that I will be using it on are 60.

Cheers, Matthew

Mike K:
Thanks Matthew.

Unfortunately, my only milling machine is the mini mill.  I plan to use it to true up my mini lathe.


I tried to make one of those by milling 3 sides of a round cast iron bar. It bent like a banana.

I would look to getting one cast. It's not a difficult shape for casting.

Mike K:
And then scrape it in, using my 12"x18" surface plate for reference?


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