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Several years back a couple of mates & I bought 3 Harrison M250ís out of a school auction, the other two sold theirsí on, but I stored mine ( code for stuck it in the garage behind an old Drummond, piles of dismantled Merc engines, Mini bits, tractor rams & general useful stuff).
Bringing it into operation this year, I found that, while the 3-jaw chuck & catchplate were both D1-3 & were fine, the 200mm Elliot 4-Jaw in the lathe cabinet was a D1-4 Blast! Double Blast!
Hence my question:- Since I can find a 125mm D1-3 backplate for £50-60, would it be feasible to bore out the Elliot chuck to fit a suitably reduced D1-3 backplate & bolt the two together? I have a Kerry lathe plus a Marlow mill available for the job. Has anyone accomplished such a task &/or what are the flaws in this proposal? Is there an easier way of converting D1-4 down to D1-3?

John Rudd:
Sell the chuck and buy a D1-3 chuck to replace it...

Yeah, but where's the fun in that? :)

But you might keep your sanity - says he who keeps dithering on his A2-6 to A2-5 special hydraulic adaptor !

There are two types of chuck for my Harrison M250, ones with separate backplates and others with integrated. If your 200mm chuck is the former, Chronos sell a D1-3 x 200 backplate for just a couple of quid more than you were quoting for the 125mm.


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