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Homemade bandsaw advice needed

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Have a look on Youtube , lots of ideas on there.

As for shaft material bright mild steel would be fine - if you had access to a metal turning lathe. You can get precision ground mild steel which should give you a good enough fit for a bearing. e.g. The linear shafting you linked is overkill for your application as you don't need it hardened.

As for a hub to fix your wheel to I wondered about using a pulley. I've just looked through my collection and have nothing suitable. I'm sure someone will come up with a suggestion.

I still feel the half-shaft is a possibility.




--- Quote from: dwc on March 20, 2021, 10:20:05 AM ---Hi Phil, that's not a bad idea thanks I'll investigate. Cars are something I leave up to the experts so I know nothing about what's available.

The wheels will be 350mm with a centre to centre separation of 725mm for a blade length of 1552mm.

--- End quote ---


I wasn't thinking straight before when I suggested 200mm cut. Your maths is a bit out or you mistyped the length. You're a metre out.


Thanks timby, I think I've watched every homemade bandsaw video on YouTube. I've taken ideas from some but I'm trying not to copy any one in particular as I want this to be an exercise in figuring it out for myself.

Phil, I mistyped the blade length, I meant 2552mm. Thanks for the link to the ground mild bar, I think that's just what I'm looking for. I'm a little bit tempted to get some bright mild bar and have at it on my wood lathe. I'm pretty sure it would be an exercise in futility but it would be fun failing - if I bought 1" bar I'd only need to remove 0.4mm which feels like it would be possible.

I considered using a pully to lock the lower wheel on as well. I need a large-ish pully on the lower axle anyway to slow things down. If I make it a taper lock and drill some holes in it I could mount the wheel to the side of the pulley maybe. Crazy idea?

I've literally just finished in the workshop building a mock up of the tensioning and tracking mechanism for the upper wheel, there should be a couple of pictures attached. The thing sticking up is supposed to be a lifting bolt with a long shank rather than some badly butchered piece of scrap ply. There's bar running in tracks in the uprights which lifts the centre section and then there's a bolt on the back for tracking adjustment. Even this monstrosity built from scrap timber and plumbing pipe held a 10kg plate and tracked it just fine.


You could look up Matthias Wandel (I think that is the correct spelling) he has built a couple of bandsaws, he is currently working on a large one.


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