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Homemade bandsaw advice needed

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Rather than try to turn down 1 inch bar to 25 mm on a wood turning lathe you'd be better off buying 25mm bright bar.

An option which would give you options on fixing wheels would be to use trailer stub axles - you could use trailer hubs to mount the wheels.  You could also look for go-kart parts - they normally use some sort of flange for mounting the wheels to the axle.

I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.


You need to think how you are going to track the wheels, or at least one of them, to get the blade running true and where you want it on the wheel tyre. Just needs to be able to tilt a bit in a controlled fashion.

I've watched all the Wandel videos and several others, I've borrowed ideas from a few different builts. I've not seen the tracking and tensioning mechanism I'm planning on using anywhere which is why I've built a mock up.

The top wheel will be have both tracking and tensioning. In the images a couple of posts back the bolt on the back pivots the large block with the axle sticking out which should provide the tracking. The wheels will be crowned as well. You can't see it in the picture but there's a shaft running through the large central block that locates in uprights and acts as a pivot point.

I'll look again for trailer stub axles and go-kart parts. I had a look earlier today and didn't really find what I was looking for.

Cheers all, if people are interested I'll keep you up to date on the build.

Turning mild steel on a wood lathe isn't hard to do.  I made an 8" steel faceplate for my wood lathe using handheld HSS tools.  It would, however, be nearly impossible to accurately turn down the full length of a shaft.  Turning just the ends for bearings shouldn't be too difficult.


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