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Startrite 18V10 Blade Tension Indicator Access - How the heck do you?

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My Startrite 18V10 has a little circular window that should show figures on a quadrant plate that moves as you tension the blade. It's calibrated in blade widths 1/4"  1/2" etc.

Mine has vanished ! I have to set tension by plucking the blade and hearing the resultant note. It was there and sometimes got stuck but I suspect now it's fallen off !

Now it's a very simple mechanism and if I could get at it I'm sure that I can fix it BUT I can find no way to access the darn thing. all the panels are factory welded together and I can only just see bits of the top slide assembly with a mirror and torch looking upwards where the tensioning knob (#70 on the diagram) pokes though.

So the question - has anyone any idea how the heck you get at this beast ?

I may be wrong about this , I seem to remember  from a long time ago, band breaks and the indicator jumps upwards and jams, banging on the side panel with ones fist usually makes it drop down again.   

That sounds entirely possible as the diagram seems to show it just resting on the springy thing !

Thimby you are a star !

Well I never did find any way into the relevant bit of the band saw, well all manner of tapping with a big rubber hammer did nothing. So I poked an endoscope camera up next to the tensioning knob and sure enough the indicating thing was standing upright at 90 degrees to where it should be. Poking about with a bit of 1.6 mm gas welding rod bent into a hook eventually got it back in place.

It is amazingly hard coordinating an endoscope camera and a bit of wire when even knowing which way is 'up' is difficult.

I have no idea how they put these saws together originally - I was close to opening up an access hatch with a grinder !

***springy thing****   i take it this is an engineering term us lesser mortals need to learn about  :smart: :thumbup:
Lyn the lesser.. but learning fast :coffee:


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