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Remote control Jib Crane

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Davo J:
I haven't posted here in years with family issues etc, all settled now and in my new home with my lovely new wife.

I want to thank who ever put the lathe D1-4 specs in the downloads section as I've just switched phones and lost my downloads, really appreciate it.

It has taken a long time (12 months) and alot of work to get it completed and everything works as it should and load tested to 125% etc.

I had built a Jib crane in my last shop that I posted on many forums back in 2010 as I have a really bad neck injury.

The crane is 3.4m span from the pivot point, made of 200/29kgm beam.

The post Is double 100x100x4mm stitch welded together and attached to 2x 150x100x10mm lintal angle 2.2m long with extra 10mm plate welded to it for bearing supports etc. The post isn't taking the weight, the house frame is.
The crane itself is built to well over one ton specs.

It is bolted split our story house onto the bearers, 6 floor joist, 6 wall studs and 7 upper floor floor joists.
A total of 15x16mm bolts and 7 coach bolts and 4x16mm dynabolts if my memory is right, so it's not going anywhere.

The double top bearings are 55x100x21mm and 50x100x20mm
And the bottom taper roller bearings 55x90x23x19 and a 34.988 x 59.131 x 15.875 (Holden trailer axle) opposing it to stop and lift.

The hoist/trolley itself has every single moving part that moves on rubber sealed bearings as well.

With the under beam height only being 2.25m from the floor it needed a super low headroom hoist and nothing is available, so I made my own mini version using ideas from the large commercial manufacturers like Kone etc low headroom hoists.

I used a 500kg Chinese hoist with a home made rope block etc. With the rope block the hoist is only seeing 125kg at full capacity.

 The other trolley motor is from a mud mixer and other bits came from my good friend Peter Marr who is a member here I think.
It couples with a chain drive and a shaft to transfer to the opposite side where it is chain driven again for 4wd.

For rotation I used another 500kg hoist, then made a 4.3:1 ratio gearbox between it and the 50:1 heavy duty reduction box coupled directly to the crane bearing shaft.

The hook only hangs down 230mm under the beam and is 2m from the ground, so no chance of running into it even though I'm 1.8 tall.

The lowest headroom chain hoist in the world beat me by 30mm but takes up a lot of travel space on the beam, so from what I've researched this is a world first for a wire rope hoist this low at 500kg.

The hoist has up and down limit switches using rollers, cable, levers etc as well as travel limit switches, and the crane has rotation limit switches as well.

It also has a power point with extra switch work for lights to use over a island bench etc, and just for fun a beeper and laser positioning lights.
The beeper/lazer where mainly for the kids as they followed my journey and helped where they could.

I had planned on putting KG stickers on it like my last crane, but the lady across the road makes stickers, so after seeing the work I had put into it she suggested to making some up custom brand ones using my last name as a brand, Junge cranes.

Dave Junge

PS, sorry for the one picture per post, but I'm not paying for Tapatalk on my phone.

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Davo J:

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Davo J:

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Davo J:
Hoist showing cable strain relief ring for 4 way power outlet

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Davo J:
Control panel showing extra switch for limit override as I have a obstical in my way, a staircase. It has a flashing orange beeper.

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