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Schaublin 125-CNC retrofit to LinuxCNC and Mesa cards.

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I'm sure (not exactly sure but would expect) that there will be connections for a braking resistor on your VFD.

My lathe is a similar size to yours and I can stop a 160mm chuck from 2,400 rpm in less than a second.

I have 2 off 220 Ohm 50W chassis mount resistors wired in parallel and fastened to a smallish finned heatsink. (Equivalent to 110 Ohm at 100W I hope.)



P.S. Loving your videos.

Thanks Phil, the Lenze brak module for this VFD is 300W, but since there is a mechanical brake mounted on the motor shaft already, I would rather just let the vfd coast down, and mechanically brake the load. Havent worked out whole to set that yet.

I took a Uni course in machine tool design, and figured I'd try out what I learned on the Schaublin...

I didnt post last weeks video to this thread, as it was more of an unsuccessful casting vid than a Schaublin progress report. This week is better.

This week it is the X-Axis motor mount...


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