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I've never been much interested in multicopters, or in ready to fly models, I've always scratchbuilt model airplanes, ever since I was a kid.

But I just finally gave in and bought a DJI Mini 2 drone because the videography possible with it is now absolutely of interest to me. I've tried it out once for a few minutes, and it is kind of amazing. Unfortunately we have a very persistent 2 feet of snow here, and I'm hesitant to put it into a deep snow landing. I used a landing mat somewhat nervously for the first try, and that went well.

I have decades of experience flying R/C planes. And some fun indoors time banging into furniture with $19 toy quadcopters, which are incredibly skittish, so I wasn't really prepared for the ease with which the Mini 2 could be controlled. I mean it takes off automatically, and lands automatically. It returns to home automatically. It takes a number of flying panning shots automatically. If you take your hands off of the sticks it just hovers. You aren't really flying this thing as much as positioning it. The stabilized and gimballed video camera is very impressive in quality. I just feel a little weird owning it, because in general, the prevalence of drones has really hurt the old style R/C hobby I love. But the opportunity also to have a high quality flying video camera is remarkable.

John Rudd:
Well I for one am glad you like it.....

I've been a fixed winger for over 30 years, but then bought one of the coaxial style heli's for flying around the house...Thought it was great once I got the hang of it...

But, since the issues this side of the pond with drone encounters with commercial aircraft, things have changed...A wannabe flier now has to pass a basic test to get a CAA registration for anything over 200gms...

So now for the time being I'm ground becasue although I passed my BMFA 'A' cert some years back, I dont belong to a club nor do I have membership of the no CAA reg...

Happy flying..may all your landings be happy... :lol:


Back in January 2020 I bought a DJI Mavic Mini Combo with good intentions of using it round the farm buildings surveying gutters etc.

I had had a very cheap Drone given to me a few years back as a Birthday present - ultra basic - no homing - and on one early flying session starting in the middle of a field well away from danger it suddenly shot straight up, was caught by the wind, and eventually crashed right next to a busy main road. That scared me and I thought I'd got over it.

However the DJI Mavic Mini stayed in it's box unopened until a few weeks ago and I bottled out and sold it to a friend.

As John says, in the UK you have to pass an online 'exam' but looking at it it's a pretty simple multiple choice thing - that didn't put me off, but the shuddering thought of causing a multi-car pile up did despite this later drone being far more sophisticated and probably safer.

Thanks John, Andrew. The Mini is presently exempt here even from registering, as the all up weight is under 250 grams. However I do plan on registering, and in fact taking the Part 107 UAV Commercial Pilot test. The Part 107 test is a fairly rigorous one and requires being able to read sectionals, understand weather, etc. I can do that already since I was an ultralight pilot many years ago in Florida. I will need to study up again.

One of the reasons I decided on the Mini was the very small size factor reduces the flying hazard. I mainly plan to fly it over water -- which actually is a greater hazard for it, but lesser so for people etc. I want to video rowing my boat and for doing natural water landscape photography. I have no interest in overflying or videoing civilization, houses roads or people. If I crash, it's probably going to be into a pond or river after hitting an overhanging tree.

I doubt I'll fly it a lot for other than utility. I do still love fixed wing models, conversely because of the need for so many skills. That's part of the satisfaction. To me airplanes will always be more beautiful and interesting than what looks like a window fan out of Star Wars.

I wanted a DJI mini, but it was too expensive at the time.

I ended up buying a Potensic D88 Foldable Drone, which is similar but a Chinese knockoff and was about half the cost at the time. I am very happy with it. It got decent reviews.



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