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Vice Grip Garage Restores a Tractor


Guilty pleasure.....I laughed so hard watching this......uhhh somewhat painfully as I've brought back into working condition two tractors in almost exactly similar state. Twenty years ago, a 1951 John Deere Model M, and more recently a 1963 Ford 850 (written about elsewhere on this forum).

My neighbors, some practicing farmers, some city dudes, have spread lies about my ability to bring back the dead, so I've unfortunately been called in on numerous mercy missions to wave a magic wand over geriatric equipment. I've seen everything....sights that would chill your heart and curl your toes. And not done a lot I'm proud of....... to get them to cough up the blackest oil, mouse nests, bondo, lost fittings, and wheeze back out onto the fields to toil again for their careless masters.

Oh man this video is funny, ....To me at least! 

WARNING: if you practice or enjoy precision engineering you may find certain aspects of this video upsetting. Viewer discretion is advised.


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