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Vice Grip Garage Restores a Tractor

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Guilty pleasure.....I laughed so hard watching this......uhhh somewhat painfully as I've brought back into working condition two tractors in almost exactly similar state. Twenty years ago, a 1951 John Deere Model M, and more recently a 1963 Ford 850 (written about elsewhere on this forum).

My neighbors, some practicing farmers, some city dudes, have spread lies about my ability to bring back the dead, so I've unfortunately been called in on numerous mercy missions to wave a magic wand over geriatric equipment. I've seen everything....sights that would chill your heart and curl your toes. And not done a lot I'm proud of....... to get them to cough up the blackest oil, mouse nests, bondo, lost fittings, and wheeze back out onto the fields to toil again for their careless masters.

Oh man this video is funny, ....To me at least! 

WARNING: if you practice or enjoy precision engineering you may find certain aspects of this video upsetting. Viewer discretion is advised.

This is an old topic I know, but I liked the one where he bought a Farmall H powered by a Chevy 350 that hadn't run for years.  He then proceeded to get it running again, and drove it 35 miles to get it home.  The H doesn't have much for top speed, even with the 350, it took him hours to get home.


VGG is, I must confess, one of my favourite channels. The Independence Chevelle is the ultimate for me - he drove it 300(?) miles with the frame held together with duct tape.... Over here in Blighty he'd have been stopped by the first copper that saw him, due to lack of MoT test & tax at the very least. It continues to surprise me that the USA - being a country very much in love with the car - doesn't have some kind of federal level annual safety test requirement for the millions of vehicles on the roads!

Yup Ade, I'm amazed he got away with that as well. He wouldn't make it far in Vermont without being stopped. I guess it's just a different world in different states. Right now we get inspected here with photos of the vehicle undersides submitted to the DMV.

But as I say, VGG is a guilty pleasure watching Derek work on some foul smelling rusted out piece of junk -- the white Cadillac stuck in the mud is one of my favorites! Probably because I think of doing that in those conditions is about the last thing I'd ever want to do. Yet surprisingly similar to situations I've been stuck in -- the difference is, not by choice! Makes it all the more fascinating to watch, like an absurd comic disaster, somehow pulled off in the end!

Watch Wes Work also reveals some amazingly rusted vehicles on the road that would get you free meals at Her Majesty's finest establishment over here!

Surprisingly many seem to be in the ownership of his local authority - surely public service vehicles MUST have inspections even in the 'land of the free'?


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