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hi all I have got back in to remote control cars  :) :) any way I have a charger  that in its day was one of the best on the market its a Pro-Trak battery management system and it was made in the  1980   and its program version 2.66 the last update that I can find for this charger is version 12 I think i can not find any one that can update the charger any one on hear that may be able to help  regards bob   

Hi Bob, just had a search and not come up with anything, is the charger working ok? if so what's the problem and the need to upgrade the software unless you are changing over to LiPo batteries, it should charge Ni Cads if you are still using them and i have charged Ni-Mh cells ok with an older charger before i went bought one that does everything  it was a necessity for the LiPo's. It's probably cheaper in the long run to replace the charger with a modern one.


hi no the charger works well every thing seems to run on LiPo batteries so the up grad wood be for that and I'm one of them that if it works why throw it a way yep I no I can by a more modern charger but rather upgrade thanks for looking for me regards bob 

Bob, I'd be surprised if a 1980 charger could be made suitable for LiPo charging. There are so many accounts of house fires caused by mis-charging hobby grade LiPos, even with purpose designed "smart" LiPo chargers. Even the best and smartest of them still require user charge rate settings, equalization of cells, etc. And tragic mistakes are too frequently made there. Also needed are fire resistant LiPo sacks for charging and storage and clear user knowledge to determine if cells are appropriate for charging. Puffed cells, cells over-discharged, damaged cells, etc. are not. Even keeping them in a hot car has caused fires.

I've flown R/C models for many years with LiPos, but I have great respect for the potential hazards, and I would not want to try to charge them without a purpose designed safe LiPo charger and lipo sacks. It doesn't eliminate risk, but it does reduce it.

A much safer alternative is the LiFePO4 cell and charger. Though the cells are more expensive, and have a lower voltage per cell, they are worlds apart in terms of risk from hobby grade LiPos.


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