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I have ordered an electronic ignition kit from hobbyking ,for the Webster engine I'm building , what i want to know if anyone has the answer is , can i mount the magnetic trigger on a steel flywheel .or will it confuse the signal ?

I don't see why not my rev counter magnet is mounted on my lathe spindle , the flywheel is not magnetic is it?

flywheel is going to either steel or cast iron
non magnetic

I installed a rev counter for a Kubota diesel engine & fitted the magnet to the steel power steering pump pulley ( same size as the crank pulley, but MUCH easier access)  & it works fine. I glued the first one on, but the counter didn't work - dumbo didn't realise the pickup is pole sensitive  :bang:. Second one is just held by it's own magnetism & has been fine for the last 18 mths (isn't it amazing how these temporary bodges become permanent?)
I have one a cheap Chinese tacho on my lathe. It worked well for a couple of weeks then stopped. After trying various things, including getting a spare pickup from the eBay seller. I discovered that turning the magnet over fixed the problem  :Doh: About 4 months ago it died again (after 7 years) and I've not yet tried to fix it.

My magnet is also held in place by the power of thought  :D


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