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Studio camera stand

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Constantly adjusting the tripod is getting old, so I decided to make my version of the Foba studio camera stand.

About half way through the build so far...

I gtd a little offset offset confusion gong this week... :hammer:


Bad luck Mark, that stomach clenching moment isnít good, those that have ever done anything have these moments. Those that criticise havenít made anything !

Thanks Andrew. Yeah, poor Maho should have considered this before it moved in with an amatuer :) Luckily it is only a ding, and not a full on crash.

The Maho is only a baby compared with your shed full of gear. I hate to thing of the sort of crashes they could produce.

Another super video Mark.

As Andrew says "Only those who never do anything don't make mistakes!"

The important thing is to learn from your mistakes.

I've not been able to hit the emergency stop button quick enough when I've seen my 6mm end mill at 10,000 rpm heading for the head of socket screw used for clamping at 2,000mm/min. The sparks, smoke and the inevitable cracking sound all happen in the blink of an eye. And my CNC mill is a baby compared with yours.

Keep 'em coming.



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