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Happy Christmas all.
I wasn't sure if I should put this in the Design section but here goes. I have had a little trouble with Y axis skipping teeth on occasions (not often but its really annoying when it happens) so I have an idea to add a optical switch to the center of the bed and each time the bed passes it while also going toward the limit switch the firmware could check that the light was shining through a thin slot. If the light is there then all is fine and carry on but if not it could briefly interrupt the print to rehome the axis and thus avoid ruining a print. I was also thinking that if you could get accurate enough it might even be able to just update the position without even the need to rehome. I am thinking of suggesting this as a feature request for the marlin firmware but decided to get some thoughts of the possibility before I embarrass myself  :lol:
Thoughts please?

Wouldn't it be easier to fix the skipping tooth problem?


--- Quote from: efrench on December 26, 2020, 03:31:44 AM ---Wouldn't it be easier to fix the skipping tooth problem?

--- End quote ---
Yes but this to my mind wouldn't be a permanent fix it would be a failsafe. Its not too much fun if the problem ruins a really long print.

I've run prints where I re-zeroed x and y each layer when I was having bad problems with the hot end catching on bumps.  Added a lot of.print time and junk on the zero side.
Yeah, you want to fix your lost strps problem.  Have you checked motor current?  Do you have top surface bumps catching your hot end? 

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Ir it is skipped teeth it's belt adjustment or sticking rails  , but if it's dropped steps you need to lower the acceleration in advanced setup .


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