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Machining a bearing housing clearance

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This started out as a Could-You-Just sort of job for one of my neighbours. He mashes up apples to make juice and bottles it.
The apple machine has two bearings, one on either side of a rotating drum. They are sealed ball bearings 47mm diameter x 14mm with a 20mm bore for spindle.

Two new bearing housings are required, which have to be welded to an 8mm thick backplate.

There are no instructions, nor handbook as the machine is so old.

Would anyone have any idea what sort of fit to make the housings to the bearings? I was thinking of a tight push-fit, so that they could be replaced when needed, so housing would need to be ?? diameter.

Just to make it interesting, I cannot fit the bearings to the housings then weld them up as the seals would not like the heat. Not sure if welding would distort the housings either...

Any pointers would be gratefully accepted.


Couldn't you use a flange mount bearings, 8mm would be plenty thick enough to tap and bolt to.

Cheers, Matthew

Thanks for your thoughts Matthew. If it was my machine, it would be a good idea. The bearings have already been given to me by the owner. The other difficulty with the job is the construction of a gearbox casing on one side; it would have to be increased from the 60mm x 8mm to 100mm x 8mm for that type of bearing.
So my first hurdle is these bearing housings, and then hopefully onwards.

SKF have a good handbook on all things related to bearings that can be downloaded for free as a pdf.

Should have the info you need on clearances.

John Rudd:
I'd go for 47mm,( 1.8500 inches)  then deduct 1-2 thou from that ( 1.8498 ) for a press fit for the bearings into the housing....maybe warm them up a bit to make the bearing easier to fit....or if the hole is a bit slack, a bit of Loctite bearing retainer?

But cant the new housings be bolted in place rather than weld?  Make up a housing with a flange to bolt to the plate...3 bolts should be plenty enough ?

And a merry xmas to you....😂👍


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