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a norther pic 

Only just spotted this Bob, did you get sorted with a body shell?  i  take it its 1/10 scale the same as the electric version. Got back into the Buggy scene myself a few yrs ago after a 30 yr break!!!!! all new technology programmable transmitters and electronic speed controllers brushless motors Lipo batteries, took some sorting out and getting used to, ok with it all now apart from the driving is still  crap :doh:

 hi sos for the delay no still need one yep its 1/10 scale  well the same with me I raced a long time a go with a tomy intruder then went to IC and ran the sand master got back in to it with me grand son like most hobby's its expensive and their is so many different makers gnaw I prefer
nitro  wood not no where to start with   battery run stuff hope you had a good xmas regards bob O and if you no where I can get a shell from  brill

Hi Bob, sorry for the delay in getting back to you, no luck finding a body shell for the Kyosho Sandmaster, only for the Kyosho Outrage which is basically the same buggy but on an electric motor instead of Ic. which means the the engine cooling cut out isn't marked into the shell for cutting.

Regards John

hi john thank you for your support the outrage is totally different i have had a go at fitting on the mane problem is the fuel tank on the sandmaster the side is razed up to form a pocket for the tank on the outrage that's not their so when you cut the hole out for the tank and engine it levees to big of a gap and all the crape gets in any way thank you so much  for your help  regards bob


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