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hi all long time in posting but thru me grandson I have got back in to RC cars i have a problem sum one out their may be able to help with I'm trying to find a body shell for a Kyosho sandmaster its a vintage car  there is sum in the USA but I ant paying 100 for one any one no where I can get one from regards bob

I'm not sure Bob, don't know anything about RC cars. is this what you are looking for?



hi vtsteam  this is off the new one witch is batter driven the one im after is for the kyosho sandmaster  mark 2 witch has  a nitro engine  thank you any way for you help regards bob 


Do you have the truck?  I've seen a body shell for the truck that's available for USD $85, I don't know what shipping to your side of the pond would be.

If you don't absolutely HAVE to have an authentic Kyosho body shell, then there are literally hundreds of body shells available to choose from.  In a range of from less than USD $10, to amounts large enough to bring tears to your eyes no matter what your currency of choice is.


hi don yep they did two types one is a stadium truck  witch has large wheels and bigger shocks mine is a off road buggy    this is not my car just a pic off the net  as to wat the body shell looks like thank you for your support  regards bob 


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