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3d printing - which software?

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Sinc eI got my 3dprinter (Ender 3 pro) last year I've been ham-strung by my old 32bit PC running vista. It wouldn't run any of the modern software, but luckily would run Sketchup and Creality slicer so that allowed me to draw and print stuff although in a rather clunky manner.

Now I have just upgraded to a newer PC, a 64 bit i3 Dell running Windows 10. It's a modest machine but I'm sure it'll run any software I'll need for printing.

My question is, if you were me what software would you choose for drawing, slicing etc? Preferably I'd like to draw with free software but I'll pay a modest price if it's got good features. One thing I want to be able to do is print gear shapes (I'll stop short of actually calling them gears) so that's a consideration.

So, looking for yuor recommendations.


Fusion 360 for me

Peter Cordell:
For me FreeCAD 0.18 you can download the free gear workbench
The yellow gears are printed with ABS the black ones are printed with PLA 

tom osselton:
Oooh look a opened can of worms!

I have a creality  3 v2 as well a generic printer and for drawing I use thingiverse etc. ( :lol:) For slicing I use Cura 4. something (free) and have for several years without a problem and the latest version has better support options for parts with overhangs. It seems much better than most slicers including Creality slicers.


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