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UK: 3D printer discounts on Amazon (November 2020)


I was just poking around on Amazon, looking at prices for dual-extruder 3D printers.... and spotted that there's a bunch of decent money-off vouchers on GeeeTech printers right now.

e.g.  - 70 discount.

So I bought one :)

Now mine's in the bag, as it were, I feel I can share  :lol:

Very cool.

Would like to see a review after you get it.

I am building a new 3D printer. Doing a XYCore derivative that can be setup as a dual extruder...

Now there's a generic post. Spammer?

Peter Cordell:
Probably made on his 3d printed pc and at home


--- Quote from: Brass_Machine on November 25, 2020, 08:46:52 AM ---
Would like to see a review after you get it.

--- End quote ---

Hmm, I'd forgotten about this thread.... and life's been a bit in the way of machining stuff of late, hence my relative quietness....

On balance, I would NOT recommend the Geeetech printers; the one I've got has a fair amount of slop in it, which I've not been able to adjust out. The dual-filament extruder works OK though, I might be tempted to buy another Creality printer, and swap in the Geeetech extruder. Biggest issues are bed tilt (you can adjust it all you like, but if you nudge it, it goes out of whack instantly), and the extruder beam "droops", so setting the height above the (hopefully not wonky yet) bed is a real chore. Especially as the amount of droop varies depending on how you handle it.

In looks, it very much resembles the original Ender 3 printer, with the PSU mounted vertically on one side. No issues with the rest of the hardware; it's just the motion parts which are poor compared to the Creality.


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