Author Topic: Small horizontal milling machine in my home workshop AJAX 8" Milling Machine  (Read 3220 times)

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I bought a cheap vintage milling machine about a year ago and apart from a couple of small jobs have not done much with it since. The spindle speed was too fast but that's now been solved with a new 3-phase 8-pole motor and VFD. New belts and greater control of the cutting speed have improved performance and it certainly looks like it will be a useful machine. Apart from adding some chip guards (watch the chips fly when taking a deep cut) I need to add a machine light and when I finally get around to it I will be making a removable vertical head that will attach to the dovetailed overarm.

If there's any interest I can post more pictures as the project progresses. Bear in mind this is one of too many projects (and work) that I have on at present!

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Cracking machine, looks to be very well made and now capable of hogging off lots of metal, I am working on my Harrison H mill at the moment, finally got round to fitting the vertical head, and find I need to make drawbars for it in UNC, whitworth and metric to suit my mixed bag of int 30 tooling, good luck with it, more pics and videos would be good! see mine at the url below!
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Horizontal machines are very handy for removing lots of material quickly. I used to have a quite large Cincinnati that would have no issues in chomping 1/2 off EN8 steel. Was very handy when I made all my T2 Dixon tool holders for the Colchester Master 2500.

Sadly it had to go to make room for other acquisitions (Bridgeport Interact and J&S 1300 EIUR cylindrical grinder) but I was cunning, and gave it to SM&EE where it went in the basement workshop at Wanless Road so I still had access to it while I was still living in suburbia  :ddb:
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