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Scalloping the guitar fretboard - possibly also renovation of the instrument

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I'm very much enjoying your finishing. I'm imagining a road warrior guitar, unearthed in the desert by the last rocker on earth.

Steve, thanks. Yeah, mad max, or should I say, madmodder max guitar.

I think the finishing is now done:


I tested, that the pickups are ok, and give signals, before putting the strings in. For some reason, the neck pickup isn't exactly at the center. I'll let it be that way, as a reminder of the distinct perfection of imperfection.

What's left - if nothing else appears, wiring of the pickups, pots, and the switch.

Very cool.  :thumbup:

Guitar is almost finished:


I added a brass strip between tremolo and jack plate(ground), as that connection keeps the hum down. Usually it is hidden inside the guitar body.

Only the volume knobs need to be made, or printed. I'll leave the printed roller nut housing on, until I get a longer 1.5mm drill bit, to make a final one, out of brass.

In general, although the body finishing could be better, that guitar feels now more usable for soundscape painting. Only time will tell, what things might need to be improved.
Tremolo could also be better, but it works well enough, and is smooth, when used one-way(pushed down).

Pickups produce strat-like sounds, which was one the goals. It's easier to get the intonation adjusted, once the roller nut was moved, to where it's center should be at( zero fret).

So it's time to wrap up this project. I'm already thinking of what the next one could be about. Maybe it'll have to do with building a time machine audio effects, but as the previous projects were about that, perhaps something totally different.

Really nice, sorveltaja.  :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :beer:


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