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Scalloping the guitar fretboard - possibly also renovation of the instrument

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I've got to ask; what is the benefit of scalloping?  Ive never seen it before...

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--- Quote from: WeldingRod on September 25, 2020, 10:13:48 PM ---I've got to ask; what is the benefit of scalloping?  Ive never seen it before...
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Scalloping makes it easier to barre.  --  Lew

I would think the tension and hence pitch would only change if you pressed the string right down to the scalloped fretboard - which would make it harder to play.
I presume the intent is to merely press the string hard enough to ensure the fret forms the 'edge' as Lew describes. Without touching the fretboard as normal.

I also have not heard of this. Interested in the outcome.


As far as I know, there are very few big names, who use scalloped fretboards in their guitars. Most prominent, I guess, is Yngvie Malmsteen.

I remember reading somewhere, that he scalloped his early guitar(s) back in the eighties. Later on, his signature model Fender Stratocaster became available.

Other, that I'm not quite sure about, is Richie Blackmore. He also has scalloped signature Stratocaster model available. I have seen many live recordings of him playing, but never paid attention to the fretboard, as it's kind of hard to see, unless there are super close-ups.

Most of the rough filing is done, so it's time for rounding the areas around the frets a bit. At this point, some of the right sides of the frets are rounded, but barely visible in the picture:

Instead of using printed filing fixture, a lot more simpler solution was at hand:


The aluminum piece is attached to the file with double-sided carpet tape. Seems to work quite well, although one has to be very careful, to not to scratch the frets.

Obviously, the 'fret betweens' that get narrower, when going though the fretboad, need again another arrangement, but fret not. If it isn't easily achieved by filing, then slowly, by sanding.

You are making a nice job. It will be interesting to hear your experience with the scalloped fretboard.

I have a Strat which was very heavily used by a previous owner, with long fingernails, which has some pretty deep divets in the fretboard. I considered doing something about them, but you don't even notice them when playing.


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