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Bevel Gear Mill

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Jeepers! :whip:


yes, Tom, the Bay

Sure I read somewhere these can do bevel gears:

Yes, Shipto, that's the machine I've always wanted to build -- the version in Model Engineer, not the College Engineering version, which does not do bevel gears.

But on the second page of this thread, engjas mentioned a second Model Engineer gear machine by JS Eley, that I hadn't seen before. I like that one. too. Some day I'm going to build one of those two.

Well my two bevel gears arrived from China finally today. I must say they do look shiny, and I was particularly pleased to see they threw in an extra gear with the pair!

WOW, just don’t be tempted to plant them and grow more....   They could be “Bevel Not Gear Weed”


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