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Self-Shielded Flux-Cored Welding: Choosing Your Gun?

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I made a custom flexible boot for the hot block on my 3D printer using some high-temp silicon RTV gasket goop in a 3D printed mold.  The kind of high-temp gasket goop that you can get at any auto parts store.  The boot has been in use for a couple of years now and has probably a couple hundred hours of use on it with no issues.  My printer's not as nasty of an environment as a welding gun, but something like that might work for you as a consumable.  (You can always make a replacement when it craps out.)

The mold parts only took a couple of hours to print and making the actual boot only takes a couple of minutes, of course you've got to wait overnight for the RTV to cure.


Thank you. That is a very good idea indeed. There is a high temperature caulking for fire place use. Wonder how that could compare to RTV silicon.

Really, all the silicones are good to high temp...  some are more oil resistant, though.  Fluorosilicone is more oil friendly, if I remember.

I suggest diluting silicone caulk with paint thinner and soaking it into fiberglass.  Then, smear more silicone on and wrap a few layers around the nozzle.

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