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SIP coax indicator

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One of my house-arrest projects has been the fixing up of my newly acquired SIP tilting rotary table and part of this is adding a setting pin/ball to allow the easy alignment of the table and workpiece.

SIP supply the table with a neat coax indicator (regular viewers will know how much I like coax indicators ;-)) . Unfortunately mine has been lost , so I've been looking to design and build one.

The SIP is a clever design : it uses a pin, off-set from the spindle, on an arm, to describe a perpendicular plane. The pin both keeps the rest of the indicator aligned and , with a curve face , pushes on a lever to activate the dial indicator. The lever mechanism has considerable 'gain'  so even the slightest variation from the described plane can be detected.

ATM I'm unsure whether the top centre pivot should be spring loaded (upwards) .

Hi Bill. That looks interesting. I can't figure out quite how it works though: which bit rotates and which bit stays still? Will any out-of-round condition just wobble the cast body with the lever acting on the gauge?

In use the whole thing and the spindle is rotated by hand.just like conventional sweeping with a dti.

 Any offset of the setting ball at the bottom, will move the whole lever assembly out of the reference plane (established by the arm & pin perpendicular to the spindle) and the error is shown on the dial.

Thanks Bill.

I want to see how this works out. This is very interesting. I am wondering if it needs spring loading anywhere to take up lost movement or is there somewhere some safe flex to keep this solid without crush?


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