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More Ender 3 upgrades...
« on: April 29, 2020, 10:55:25 PM »
I started upgrading my Ender 3. It is important to note, I have an Ender 3 and not an Ender 3 Pro.

Since I am the type that likes to keep upgrading things, I cannot leave well enough alone, I started upgrading it almost immediately after buying it. You can see the list of current upgrades in my other post (HERE)

I started searching for yet more and I found this BLV Ender 3 Pro. This guy did some serious work and design on the Ender 3 Pro. Some of the mods include linear rails!. However, it is just for the Pro and not the standard Ender 3. I could do the X and Z axis with his kit/plans but that still leaves the Y. Apparently the Y axis is one of the major differences between the Pro and Standard. So, I started to search more. There are plenty of how tos and things to print at Thingiverse to get to linear rails for the Standard Ender 3... I just wasn't happy with them nor did I have the time to source everything. If I had the Pro, no questions asked, I would have gone with the BLV...

I ended up finding 3DFused. They make 2 linear rail kits for the Ender 3/Ender 3 Pro (and others)... I ordered them and they came in on Monday.

Got them installed and presently tuning the printer. Unfortunately, my phone camera is broken, I did mange to get some shots at the start but not at the end. I still have a few more things to do to it...

Stay tuned. Will let you know how it goes, but right now, looks pretty good. Everything is silky smooth and very stiff (for an aluminum extrusion printer)


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