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I agree with you about cz108 brass  as it is what i used for the plates  but I was given a 4x4  foot piece many years ago
I did use some for the thicker wheels but its not nice I did use cz120 for the other wheels..Over the years I have collected large amounts of unobtainium as I am finding many materials hard to find in small quantities at affordable prices.

I have 2 synchronomes  2 GPO type 36 and one type 46 masters .and 2 Gents C7 master clocks The clock on the wall is a ITR   The clock by the magneta is a Smiths time recorder . I also have a Gents water recorder from a pumping station and lots of bits of clocks

Hi Smiffy,

The ITR looks identical to the one I brought home from work. For some reason it was missing it's dial when I acquired it. I found a place in Prestwich near Manchester - North West Time Recording and rang them to ask if they had a dial. I had an interesting hour with them and came away with the correct dial as well as a nice bakelite slave for about 5. Better still was the fact that the guy I saw had installed the very same clock. He gave me a very good explanation of how it should all work. Mine has an 'impulse accumulator' which remembers (mechanically) how long there's been a power cut and corrects all the slaves afterwards. My other IBM (or ITR) doesn't have that feature.

I have lots of CZ121 but only up to 2" diameter. I think I paid 90 for enough  CZ120  for my small skeleton clock!

It will be nice to see your regulator with a dial in a nice case.



I need  acquire some oak before I start the case .I do have some very nice unmachined chestnut but think oak would be better

The ITR is a bit boxed in at the moment but I will have a move around so that I can get to it . I unearthed another clock that I had forgotten  about .Its a National Time Recorder .

This is a electrically  rewound spring driven clock . as the spring runs down it tilts a mercury switch which energises a solenoid which rewinds the spring

I also took some pictures of the Leinen  lathe set up for gear cutting

philf that sounds interesting about your ITR . How long ago was it that you acquired the parts ?

I must have had the ITR and the Synchronome for 20 years or more.

The works ITR is wound by a 1rpm synchronous motor with an eccentric. The ITR (or IBM) I acquired last year is wound once a minute with a solenoid so is quite noisy. I have thought of experimenting with a damper to quieten it down but in the workshop it doesn't matter. I have a number of slaves for the ITR but have only recently got one for the Synchronome.

I have the baby brother of your Leinen a WW82 watchmaker's.

I've cut  pinions on my mill with a dividing head. When I get round to cutting wheels I'll do it on my CNC mill with a 4th axis. Unfortunately the CNC spindle won't run slowly enough for cutting pinions with a carbon steel cutter.

My works ITR has a mercury tilt relay for driving slaves. I have several spares.


I can not remember how my ITR works as it is atleast 20 years since I had it running .  I will have a look tomorrow .

My favorite electric master is the GPO type 36 ,its almost silent in operation I have one in the house driving a Pul-syn-etic
slave  I did set a Gents C7 up in the house but far too noisy , it was ok during the day but the noise of it resetting every 30 seconds at night would drive you mad .

I am just learning about cnc . and am learning Arduino  and building a 4th axis the same as Myford boy on u tube but most of the time I find it really quick to use direct division

I also have a Boley lathe on the same lines as the Leinen but larger and with screw cutting and power feeds etc
The other clock are a TN german make clock a Brille french made clock and a Gents C7


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