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Keeping busy when confined to the home by Covid virus.

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--- Quote from: paulc1 on March 31, 2020, 01:40:05 PM ---Thankfully for me This D10 castings kit arrived just in time for lockdown and should help to keep me busy for a little while.
stay safe everyone!

[Stuart D10 castings kit by , on Flickr][/img]

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It has saved me going stir crazy during lock down but almost there, pipework and a few bits need tidying but I have a lovely block of mahogany to make a nice base.
First run on air

Fergus OMore:

--- Quote from: Joules on March 23, 2020, 04:46:24 PM ---Anyhow, just getting settled into a nice 3 month break, when the wife decides....  Top of back garden to become WWII allotment garden.   For now I still have some work, being one of those self employed shysters, no benefits on the table yet.   LOL, been self isolated for must be 10yrs+ now, dunno what all the fuss is.

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I was 9 when war broke out so we had THREE WW2 gardens.

As for Spits,  We made 1/72nd scale models for National Savings campaigns bith at home and at school.

The plans came from Aeromodeller and Aircraft of the Fighting Powers.

We found that kits like Keelbuild in Newcastle too expensive.

Keep well

Keep Safe

Norman- at almost 90


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