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Keeping busy when confined to the home by Covid virus.

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Some of the UK members might have seen an ad on TV for a model spitfire the parts of which come with a magazine. It is animated with small plastic rods. To anyone with more money than sense it will cost £1200.00 and take 2 years to complete. As soon as the wife saw the ad, she said I am sure you could do better than that. Due to poor health my workshop time is very limited and I thought that this is a project that I can do part in the workshop, and part in the house. With this in mind I bought a plastic model spitfire to build in the house and I can build an animation device in the workshop. I am sure that lots of the members will soon be confined to the home, so finding something to keep us occupied will be a must.

Cheers, Dek.

Hiya Dek,

We don't have that ad here... Do you have a picture of it?

Keeping busy is a must!


Hi Eric
Possibly this:
Have to agree with Deko.  No idea why anyone would take it up.
Although IMHO the human race has never been troubled by a shortage of half-wits so I presume it makes commercial sense.

But But... It has a rotating propeller and sound effects!


I guess for the people not equipped with a shop (or brains!) it would be OK.

You can sink an awful lot of money into the model of Titanic from Trumpeter.

At least you get it all at once and not have “Arfur Spitfire” when the parts run is shut due to production cancelled by virus.

Actually the thing is enormous and would make a great ice bucket for a big get together....


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