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As the NHS in the UK is short of ventilator's and I have a oxy acetylene welding set , I made my own purchased some 6mm fish tank silicone air line  , turned a connector from stainless punched a hole in a dust mask , and its there if needed , total spent 1 30 just hope it wont be needed .

That would also be handy for having a pint down the pub, if they were open  :doh:

What you made is an oxygen mask connector. Nice try.

A ventilator is a sophisticated machine that forces air or oxygen enriched air into someone's lungs through a tight respirator mask or an endotracheal tube - at the right rate, pressure, volume and cadence based on blood carbon dioxide levels.....

Lastly, industrial oxygen is fine for a short period of resuscitation. But it contains impurities (including gas traces which are NOT from the atmosphere and metal molecules from the compressors). Medical oxygen is MUCH cleaner, as it is often used for many hours or days continuously. That would deposit the impurities in ever growing quantities in the lungs. So welding oxygen is not a good idea for long-term use.....


--- Quote from: JHovel on March 18, 2020, 04:28:15 AM ---
...So welding oxygen is not a good idea for long-term use.....

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It works better than Argon! Damn mig/tig welders....

It was such a simple idea that took less than 15 minuets to make , I checked the B.O.C. web site and welding oxygen is 99.5% pure but unstable for humans whereas medical oxygen is also 99.5% pure and for medical use only , possibly how clean the connections are when filling  I don't know , there is no mention of impurities .


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