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Win7 professional 32 bit clean install

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Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft, but I have quite a bit of legacy software that needs Win7 / 32 bit.

Now call me suspicious but since they announced ending support two of my Win7 systems this year so far have started reporting that the operating system copy is a fake (they are genuine) - one has responded to fixes available on the web, the other one doesn't. there are apparently 'updates' that Microsoft push on you that do this, and even though I've unloaded the alleged offenders, and also rolled back the 'difficult system' to a restore point way back last year the problem persists.

SO: I want to build a new (to me) PC running Win7 professional 32 bit updated to the latest 'safe point' in this regard then disable any further updates.

I have two genuine original installation disks but cannot use them a/ because they are already registered and b/ they are oldish and need the later updates (but not the latest updates!!!)

So where do I find some usable disks ?

Unless they are OEM the discs should be usable many times over as only the cd key counts.

What make is your machine, I might have a Dell and a HP disc somewhere.

My windows 7 laptop hasn't flagged any issues and I use it daily BTW.

Yes they are Microsoft CDs but as rather long in the tooth don't have the later 'service packs' which wouldn't be a problem if Microsoft still supported it as they are were downloadable .

The target PC is an HP DC7600 SFF

I'll have a look see what disc I have. TBH I thought that support ending just meant no new updates, I didn't think that it meant you couldn't still download old service packs.

I'm going to do a full backup early next week, then load the original CD and see what happens - I seem to remember that it detects the existing operating system and gives you an option to check or refresh the system files, but as the system is newer than the original CD it may well throw a wobbly !

(it does scheduled back ups every week, next due tonight, but I'll do a specific one manually just to be sure)


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