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Wrong picture got in there. However it shows 3 outer layers requested on the grey one and a little void because the 3rd one 'wouldn't fit'.

So the Hobbymat wheels have a 20mm hole to go on a bush to join two gears or on the spindle but the 20 tooth gear is smaller than the bush and has its own reduced size special bush. I printed a 20 with integral bush and even included the key. A touch with a file made the key fit nicely into an original gear. Feels strong enough so I will try printing a 19 joined to a 91 to use for slow feed using primes to spread the wear.
Next I went up a factor and printed a 14DP test part for a 63 tooth with the top not printed to see the fill pattern and wondered if an epoxy fill would add strength but probably it is better to have the top layer and programme more % fill. 3 outer layers filled the tooth nicely. I put  holes in it to mount it for a strength test not to make it Lego compatible.

Beeshed, what material are you using for printing?

Just PLA. The red was the cheapest. The grey in the first picture is also PLA but more expensive 'cos the Company bought it. The brownish gear is the injection moulded original.
Must get another colour or two for variety.

tom osselton:
Well I guess with this virus Iíll have to start playing with my Makerbot Replicator 2 Iíve got some water soluble fillement to try out it will be interesting to see how it works for support. Hopefully I will make some patterns for casting season.


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