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I've only levelled mine twice.


--- Quote from: Brass_Machine on January 13, 2020, 04:07:24 PM ---What lighting kit did you order?

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This one:


--- Quote from: AdeV on January 13, 2020, 05:53:59 PM ---How hard is the BL Autoleveller to fit - and will it work with the boggo mainboard, or do I need to get the Octaprint board to really use it?

The inner lazy b*stard in me really wants it to automatically level to perfection every time, instead of me having to do it...

Oh, and how well does the BL Touch do once you've added a layer of glue/hairspray to the bed? It doesn't stick itself down does it?  :lol:

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It is easy to fit to the stock board. A few things you need to do to the firmware though... I believe I had to use an Arduino to facilitate the first flash.

I think most people are using a RaspberryPi for Octoprint.

A butt ton easier to put it on the mainboard I am using.

Changing filaments was driving me crazy: Trying to feed the filament (cut to 45 as recomended) into the little black hole while pinching to relieve was a massive pita!

Cause: Brass feed roller impedes onto the axis of the filament feed black hole[tlbh]  (as it needs to)
Result: the brass wheel pushes the filament away from tlbh!

Fix: Remove roller pressure roller arm (beware of spring and the little black bush!)
       Remove the brass feed roller.
       Use a counter sink with a 2mm pilot to lightly countersink tlbh.
       Re-assemble and counter sink the bowden cable where it pushes into extruder as well.

Result: Easy Peazy feeding of even square cut filament!   :nrocks:

The PEI build plate arrived yesterday. Got it mounted on my glass plate. It has a sticky side...

Running the first test now to see how it does.

I ordered it from Amazon. They supply one precut for the Ender 3 build table


Hopefully this works well.



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