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Since there are quite a few of us with Ender 3/Ender 3 Pros, I thought I would start a thread with a general discussion of the printer. I figure anything and everything can go here...

I will start it of by listing out the mods I have done so far to the printer.

Printed Mods:

Filament guide. Located at Thingiverse

Fan cover. Located at Thingiverse

Cable protector. Located at Thingiverse

Tray. Located at Thingiverse

Cable/Ribbon clips. Located at Thingiverse

Physical mods

All metal extruder from Here

New stiffer bed springs - Can't find the link

Capricorn Bowden tube - Capricorn. These things are awesome. Slippery tube. Helps with print quality by eliminating some snagging. Can't recommend it enough.

All metal hot end from gulfcoast robotics. For the hotter PETG filaments.

Micro SD to SD convertor cable - A generic item. Saves wear and tear on that tiny socket.

SKR Mini E3 V1.2 32 bit systemboard from BigTree. Running Vanilla Marlin. Faster processing. Able to do more to the printer.

FT35 V3.0 Upgrade Touch Screen Controller Display with WiFi Port for SKR Mini E3 from BigTree

BLtouch auto leveler BLtouch

I had been using the treated glass that came with the printer with a lot of luck... but recently, it seems to have stopped working as well as I want.

So... I ordered on of the magnetic flexible build plates and that seems to be working pretty good. I do have on order though, a PEI build plate from Gizmo Dorks

I have some other mods in the wings to happen. need to finishing printing some stuff first.

All in all, I would say this is a fantastic little printer. I am able to print a lot of highly detailed things. And enjoying it while I do so.

Any questions about my mods?

What have you done to yours?
What do you plan to do?
How is the Ender 3 working for you?
What issues are you running into?
What are you planning to print on it?


Gave upon the flexible bed as it started to curl up a few thou at the corners, made levelling a pita

Go to local glass shop and order two bits of 4 mmmirror plate glass. Remember to move the protective sticky back plastic!!
Glass needs help so tried Pritt - useless. Hair spray (4 liberl coats and every thing seem to stick well and release easily when cold

Ordered the BL Touch auto leveller and also a lighting kit.

0.4 stainless nozzles for when I need them.

First test cube (25 mm) came oout about 25 microns oversize in X & Y but 250 out in Z due to shrinkage. Increased Z scale to 101% and within 25 microns.

Happy bunny here.  :ddb:

More to come I'm sure

Then there are filaments.

At moment obvious choice is PLA, I ordered extra kg of white and blue as part of the printer bundle.

But for real world printing what about the colour?

Obviously the crazzy bright and glow in dark and black and white no problem.

But what if I want to print some trees for my mates war gaming table:

Green grass, brown trunk and leaves (Conifer, deciduous, Autum in Canada)? You wouldn't by paint online from a computer screen!!

Why can't they use the RAL system? I have emailed at least one manufacturer to see if they have accurate colour charts (like paint shops) or real 10cm samples or better the RAL number)

Any way my extruder Knob is nearly finished (I think I got those 2 words the right way round)

Hi Will_D

You will like the auto leveler. It does make the prints take longer as it has to map the build plate. I went a bit extreme and do 49 mesh points before the print....

What lighting kit did you order?


How hard is the BL Autoleveller to fit - and will it work with the boggo mainboard, or do I need to get the Octaprint board to really use it?

The inner lazy b*stard in me really wants it to automatically level to perfection every time, instead of me having to do it...

Oh, and how well does the BL Touch do once you've added a layer of glue/hairspray to the bed? It doesn't stick itself down does it?  :lol:


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