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Help please mini Bonelle II

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 :bang: Help! I am trying to obtain a set of prints in order to build a mini Bonelle II. Please help with information. Thanks for your time.

Have you tried joining the Quorn owners group and asking there.  It used to be the Yahoo group and the 3D model was possibly in the archive back then.

I post this link for others to see what the Bonelle Mini II is.

Hoss is on the ball ;-)
I've seen his question on the Quorn group too...

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 :bang:     still trying to obtain the prints for the Mini Bonelle II     so far no luck!

Hi Hoss
I am a novice at replying so be kind if I stuff up. I have a set of drawings of a "AO Bonelle TCG Drawings Metric" in the form of a Pdf. The usual reply is "Send me you email and I will forward to you the requested drawings". Not sure how to send stuff nor the emails bit. Anyhow here goes.
Kind Regards......Nuzbraggs.   


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